More about us


Our mission is to supply integrated logistics solutions for perishable cargo globally.


  • Worldwide Network: We serve our customers everywhere in the world and with strong local know-how.
  • Dedicated: We are dedicated to the logistics of perishables.
  • Multimodal transportation: We offer all realistic transport modes and its combinations to our customers, under temperature controlled environment.
  • Desired and selected logistics provider: We are the customer’s choice when supplying transport solutions for perishables.
  • “Green minded”: We are committed to offer sustainable transport solutions to customers, respecting nature, as demanded by final consumers of our customers’ goods.
  • Solid and long-term relationship with sub-contractors: We have long term deals with our sub-contractors, to offer steady transport solutions for our customers.

Our values

Commitment * Transparency * Global * Communication * Unique Operation * Focus * Dedication * Passion

Our strenghts

The Easyfresh Iberia team is customer focused and offers transport solutions from Spain to Europe and from Europe to Spain, using own or third party facilities (coldstores, terminals, equipment, hauliers, etc.). Therefore we are able to adapt to your needs and adjust cost accordingly. Our unique point is that we make combinations of different transport modes, considering the lead times of our clients, in a door to door approach. This makes that our clients can focus on their business.

Together with our partners we are having an amazing knowhow perishable cargo handling. This is a result of our operating experience in several regions all over the world. Fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, dairy products, fresh and frozen meat and fish products, for all those products we have the most effective handling technique.